Learn all about domain names and DNS

Are you a startup company or start up business? Are you considering choosing, buying, transferring or setting up a domain name or DNS? If so you will greatly benefit by studying our comprehensive and informative article concerning these very topics. Your domain name is a key element and long-term commitment of your entire digital presence and so it deserves a great deal of thought.

Topics covered include:

  • What is a domain name?
  • How are domain names acquired?
  • How do domain names work?
  • The types of domain names
  • How long do domain names last?
  • Setting up domain names and DNS
  • Using domain name redirects
  • The future of domain names
  • Picking a good domain name
  • Choosing multiple domain names
  • Do it yourself or hire it done?
  • What if my choice is already taken?
  • Transferring a domain name
  • Who should own the domain name?
  • Online video tutorials to help you with domain names and DNS

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