SEO guideline and tips

SEO guideline and tips

If you have a website that means you have some kind of an objective. Maybe it is for charity or humanitarian outreach. Maybe it is to promote your favorite hobby or interest. Maybe it is to promote your business, organization, products or services so you can pay your bills.

Regardless of your goal(s), one thing you need to know is that a key element to your overall success is having search engines send you traffic. Amazingly enough, Google, Bing, Yahoo, ASK, AOL and other send you website viewers free of charge! In order to capitalize on this search engine traffic you need to learn and understand about search engines and search engine optimization. Once you learn a few pointers you can implement an SEO plan.

Sure you can pay somebody like me to do it for you 🙂 don’t let me stop you. But the truth is, many people are also just as well served to do it themselves simply because A. they have the ability and B. it is an ongoing process.

So, without any further long-winded-babbling Marky™ would like to direct you to our SEO tips so you can IMPACT your search engine traffic for you own overall success. This guide was put together with the beginner in mind and has a good dose of all the love in the world too (xoxo).

And may the traffic from a thousand search engines burn your web server(s) to the ground 😉

Company: Impact Social Media
Author: Mark Guertin | Marky™ was here xoxo
Published: 10/14/2013



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