Learn all about social media

When you hear social media what pops into your mind? FaceBook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr?

Social media spans the globe and encompasses nearly all people, languages and culture and yet some are very surprised to find out it has been around since as early as 1973.

The current state of social media is very exciting and the future looks to be very bright indeed. If you would like to learn all about social media please take a moment to read our comprehensive article that was just published at: http://impactsocialmedia.net/social-media-marketing/what-is-social-media/

A very wide range of interesting and informative topics are covered such as:

  • History of social media back until 1973
  • Current trends in social media
  • Future trends, predictions and anticipated technology
  • Types
  • Uses
  • Effects
  • Cyberbullying

We encourage you to share your comments and thoughts!


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