Learn all about domain name management

You can find the domain management helpful guide at: http://impactsocialmedia.net/setting-up-a-domain/how-to-setup-a-domain/

Description: Domain name management is something that goes on behind the scenes of your website. It is crucial that it is professionally handled simply because any missteps can potentially lead to disastrous consequences. If your domain name expires, is hacked, has incorrect DNS settings or the contact information is not updated regularly you could end up with major headaches. We offer complete domain management services which completely lift this burden from you. If you choose to do your own management we recommend that you make use of this handy guideline to avoid having problems.

Topics covered include:

  • Do it yourself vs. outsourcing pros and cons
  • Domain name management
  • Account details
  • Auto-renew
  • Contact information
  • EPP key
  • Domain locking
  • Name servers DNS
  • Domain privacy
  • Registering servers
  • Domain name resources – Helpful links

You can also make use of the links to our helpful online video tutorials that show you how to update contact information, change name servers, and register name servers for the following:

  • 123reg.co.uk
  • 1and1.com
  • Dotster.com
  • Enom.com
  • GoDaddy.com
  • MelbourneIT.com.au
  • NameCheap.com
  • NetworkSolutions.com
  • Register.com
  • Yahoo.com

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