Own your very own social media networking website!

This is a shout out to any Word Presser’s that would like to have their very own social media network. If something like that interests you get a hold of me and we will make it happen!

Impact Social Media can build you your very own social media network and it can be a stand alone website OR we can add it into your already existing website. We can brand and theme it so it blends right into your already chosen color palette.

The cost is very reasonable and this is a really good way for you to network and increase end user engagement. It is also a great way to increase branding and exposure for products and services.

We have packages available that are just like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. I suppose you could call them clones since they are so much like what you are already used to with the key difference being it would be yours as in you own and control it.

If you would be interested in discussing this in detail feel free to email me at marky@impactsocialmedia.net or call my office at 816-743-0525.

You can see our recently launched FaceBook clone at: http://kcfalcons.com

This could work great for any B2B or B2 Consumer outreaches. I am also thinking this would be killer for musicians and artists and performers as well. I am very excited about this in case you hadn’t noticed lol. Social media networks are very cool but to own your very own network opens up a lot of new doors and the possibilities are endless.

Stay tuned as we will be launching videos very soon that will show you in detail what these things have under the hood and also all of the capabilities that are built in.


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