Google+: More than Just Social Networking

You can read all about Google+ by visiting our just published article at:

Google+ is an identity and social networking service owned and operated by Google Inc. It was developed primarily to enhance Google’s online properties and at the same time serve as an authorship tool that directly associates web contents with their authors or owners. Currently, Google+ is the 2nd largest social networking website in the world next to Facebook and it is growing at a rapid pace indeed.

Google Plus is a large and quickly growing social network that has shown promising benefits for SEO, B2B, B2-consumer and other business development and business marketing activities. It has some other really useful features like communities, hangouts, photo sharing and more.

We anticipate this network to become a viable alternative to LinkedIn and we truly feel that it is well worth getting involved and building a fan base there. If you are not using Google+ yet maybe you should give it some thought because the benefits seem to be well worth the effort.


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