LinkedIn: The Hub of Companies, Brands and Professionals

You likely know all about LinkedIn and may even already have a personal profile and/or business page there. If you don’t know much about LinkedIn feel free to take a minute to go read our article so you can learn about some of the features and benefits. You can find the article at

Now down to more serious business for all of you that are already familiar with LinkedIn.

We decided to be the test dummy for their fairly new advertising platform. We also wanted to share with you our findings which have us very impressed and excited at the same time. You see we know all about this game because we do advertising at Bing, Google, FaceBook, Twitter, VK and others. So honestly we just figured that maybe LinkedIn advertising would be just like more of that same old thing. What we found is that while there are some similarities there are also some very keen and unique advantages and this is what we want to tell you about.

We can tell you that LinkedIn advertising is sorta like the others in that they charge fees, give you options and provide a host of analytics. More importantly let’s talk about what is so different and cool. You know with Bing or Google you can pick a geographic location, certain times of the day and even what type of device. We found LinkedIn to offer much greater advertising precision than anything else we have seen before. At LinkedIn you can literally choose an industry, a specific company name or even employee type!

Think about that and here is what this means. For example, let us say you sell sewage pumps and you have always dreamed of landing a big account with BlahBlah Industrial LLC. Well check this out. You can create a killer advertising post and then specify to show that to specific types of employees and BlahBlah Industrical LLC! This basically means you can go after a precisely targeted company or industry at LinkedIn and how cool is that!

Before I sign out here I would just like to tell you that you are more than welcome to connect to my personal LinkedIn profile by visiting and past that you are also invited to check-out, follow or otherwise engage our LinkedIn business page by navigating to

If you have any questions about our advertising campaigns and the results at LinkedIn feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to share the details with you so you can be better informed about advertising there. In one example on just 1 campaign we got 148k impressions, 6 clicks and 1 conversion for a spend of $12.02! If that doesn’t impress you I just don’t know what to say lol. Cheers to all!


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