Kansas City Web Design for responsive CSS

Are you monitoring your Google Webmaster tools to see if you’re site has been flagged for not being mobile friendly? If not, it could be that your search engine performance is suffering and you don’t even know it!

Here’s a quick tip: Navigate to http://whatsmybrowsersize.com and then open another tab and open your website. Now switch to the What’s My Browser Size tab and start shrinking your browser and when you get to precisely 1024 pixels of width stop and click on the tab for your website. Take a look and see how it displays. 1024 represents many pads in the horizontal mode.

Kansas City Web Design

Kansas City Web Design

Does your site look okay at 1024 width or does it need some help? Now go back to the browser size tab and shrink the width down some more until you are precisely at 768 pixels in width. 768 would represent many pads in the vertical mode. Again, how does your site look?

Repeat the procedure and check things out at 480 pixels width and 320 pixels width. These sizes represent many smart phones when viewed horizontal or vertical. Here again just take a look and see what your site looks like.

Why is this necessary? Many of your site visitors may be using a device other than a desktop or laptop and it’s important to make sure your site displays well for them. It’s also possible that Google may not report any mobile display issues and yet your site display on various pixel widths may not be acceptable.

What’s the fix? Implementation of responsive design. Responsive design means that within the CSS we add @media queries that alter the layout of the page based on the screen size of the device using the page.

If you’re looking to find professional assistance to rework your responsive design we can help. Just give us a call at 816-743-0525. Rest assured that by taking the proper steps to cater to all of your site visitors you will be rewarded by providing a better user experience for your site traffic.

Visit our Kansas City Web Design page at ‪‪


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