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Get Your Website Out of the Box!

Is your website just another cookie-cutter Wordpress site with some template you bought? If so, how do you intend to stand out from the crowd with millions of similar sites scattered all around the net?

Kansas City Social Media Management by Impact Social Media

Kansas City Social Media

Kansas City Social Media Social Media Management, Enhancements, Integration & Marketing Kansas City Social Media management by Impact Social Media. Let us show you how an affordable social media campaign can benefit your business goals. Risk free. That’s right…. risk free – we are so confident you will love our performance… that we offer you […]

The Current Pulse of Social Media – 2014 Statistics, Trends, Predictions

The Current Pulse of Social Media – 2014 Statistics, Trends, Predictions Social media is a fast paced industry with platforms rising and sinking. We closely monitor over 40 different social networks and keep a close tab on their movements. This allows us to be well informed to advise our clients on social media development strategies. […]

LinkedIn: The Hub of Companies, Brands and Professionals

You likely know all about LinkedIn and may even already have a personal profile and/or business page there. If you don’t know much about LinkedIn feel free to take a minute to go read our article so you can learn about some of the features and benefits. You can find the article at Now […]

Google+: More than Just Social Networking

You can read all about Google+ by visiting our just published article at: Google+ is an identity and social networking service owned and operated by Google Inc. It was developed primarily to enhance Google’s online properties and at the same time serve as an authorship tool that directly associates web contents with their authors or […]

Own your very own social media networking website!

This is a shout out to any Word Presser’s that would like to have their very own social media network. If something like that interests you get a hold of me and we will make it happen! Impact Social Media can build you your very own social media network and it can be a stand alone […]

Learn all about social media

When you hear social media what pops into your mind? FaceBook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr? Social media spans the globe and encompasses nearly all people, languages and culture and yet some are very surprised to find out it has been around since as early as 1973. The current state of social media is very exciting and […]